Are you looking for a Family-Friendly Hotel in Silvi?

Hotel Miramare offers everything you need for an unforgettable seaside vacation with your family and your children.

The Miramare is a family-run hotel: all our guests become part of our large family, especially the little ones. We know very well how many services and attentions are needed to meet their needs, especially on vacation. That's why traveling with children can sometimes be tough.

We are a child-friendly hotel, which is why we'll assist all families in lightening their suitcase and every concern with our family-oriented services.

We are a family-friendly hotel in Silvi Marina: the ideal place to spend a quiet, serene, and carefree beach vacation in Abruzzo, full of relaxation and fun for both adults and children.

We are a Hotel for Families with Young Children in Silvi Marina because, among the various services of the facility, we offer some tailored comforts for all our little guests:
bottle warmers
cutlery for the little ones
baby bath tub
high chair at the restaurant.

In addition to these services for vacations with children in Silvi Marina, we also pamper the little ones with their meals.

At the restaurant, high chairs for meals are always available, and the kitchen is always ready to prepare everything needed, such as fresh vegetable broths or pureed vegetables, at the time you prefer.

Kids, come join us at the table! Our menu is child-friendly as we use only seasonal and top-quality ingredients to cater to all tastes.

Family-friendly hotel in Silvi Marina.

We are a 3-star hotel in Silvi Marina, ideal for families, also because we are directly on the seaside. Here, children can move around safely to reach the beach without their parents having the stress and fear of roads or pedestrian crossings because we have direct access to the beach.

The shoreline is sandy and the seabed is shallow and clear: a vacation by the sea is just what you need to relax and have fun all together!

Our private beach boasts four rows of sun-umbrellas, along with a dedicated children's play area. Furthermore, in the mornings, we have an entertainment team on hand to engage both adults and children with games, tournaments, and various activities.

If your family prefers an alternative to the sea, you can always enjoy our swimming pool, equipped with areas of different depths and always supervised by a lifeguard to ensure the safety of both adults and children.

Silvi Marina is the perfect destination for family vacations in Abruzzo, especially because it offers a child-friendly sea experience. In addition to receiving the Blue Flag every year for its crystal-clear waters and eco-friendly and safe beaches, Pineto and Silvi have also been awarded the Green Flag by Pediatricians, given annually by Società Italiana di Pediatria Preventiva (the Italian Society of Preventive and Social Pediatrics) to the best seaside resorts for children.