Silvi Marina and the Village of Silvi Paese

Silvi is a wonderful tourist resort in Abruzzo, located in the province of Teramo on the central Adriatic coast of Italy, a charming town that can boast among its peculiarities the beauty of its beaches and the emerald color of the sea waters.

For these wonders, the famous pen of the "Imaginifico" writer Gabriele D’Annunzio defined it as the "Pearl of the Adriatic", a metaphor with which it is still described today.

Silvi is a place rich in charm and can offer everything a tourist desires from a holiday destination: sandy beaches bathed by crystal clear sea, gentle hilly landscapes, a rich historical and cultural heritage, all immersed in a relaxing atmosphere.

The town of Silvi extends over a wide hilly strip overlooking the coast, with a breathtaking view of the Adriatic. The beaches are among the most beautiful in the region, with golden sand and crystal-clear waters inviting you to dive into the sea and enjoy the sun. There are many restaurants, bars, and clubs located along the promenade, where you can stroll and spend pleasant evenings.

In addition to the modern marina area, Silvi preserves its ancient history among the alleys and artistic beauties of the ancient village of Silvi Paese, nestled on a hill at 240 meters above sea level, supported by a splendid crown of brick arches.

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